Unfortunately Everton cuts points for spending more than 155 million pounds.

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Everton run for death in 2021-22 is at risk of further worsening. As it faces a three-year run of negative impact scores of more than £260m, 67% above the limit.

According to Mail Online. Everton football team management has unprofitable for several years. With losses from 2017-2020 cruising past the ceiling of which could reach more than £ 155 million.  

Excluding the 2020-21 season earnings report. Which has a deadline to be announced to the English Premier League at the end of March. It is likely to see a fourth consecutive year of losses. 

That’s because the club have been forced to cut ties with big sponsor Alisher Usmanov. Who has made over the next 20 years worth more than 300 million pounds. UFABET Because he is a Russian billionaire who has ties to the Presidency Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  

Premier League rules will prevent member clubs from overspending with a three -year turnover of less than 105 million pound. But due to the coronavirus pandemic. The extension has extend to four years.  

In the event that any club is financially liable. There will be penalties for cutting points or a huge property fine at the end of the season.  

So Frank Lampard’s team, if they are in the wrong, may have a negative point before the start of next season. Depends on whether it’s still in the English Premier League or is in the dust of the CCC. Because there are currently 13 matches left. But the point is more than the relegation zone by 1 point.