Mario Gomez is being tapped by former RB Leipzig CEO

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Mario Gomez is being tapped by former RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff to work with Red Bull Sports Group.

RB Leipzig CEO Oliver Mintzlaff is in talks with Mario Gomez to bring the 36-year-old former Germany forward to one of the roles at Red Boo. All Sports Group’, according to a report from ‘ufabet‘ on Friday. 

Gomez previously played for Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, Besiktas, Wolfsburg. And He returned to the horse teams. White at the end of his football career. Before announcing his retirement at the end of the 2019-2020 season. He currently works as a football guru at the ‘Amazon Prime’ camp, analyzing the Champions League games.

According to reports, RB Leipzig want Gomez to use his 14-year career experience to work on the networking and development of the club under Red Bull Group. Including RB Leipzig. , RB Salzburg, New York Red Bulls and Red Bulls Brazil. As Mintzlaff has a good relationship with the former Germany striker. After being a manager at Gomez’s consulting firm, the two sides remained in contact until the Leipzig CEO approached them to work together.

Despite being linked in a new role with the Red Bull Group, along with Mintzlaff. Gomez does not want to confirm the clarity at this time, especially the shift to management level. 

‘Clearly now I miss football because I’ve been playing for over 20 years. This is an area where I know my surroundings and where I can find myself,’ Gomez said.