Lazio are without a win for the fourth game in all competitions

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Lazio are without a win for the fourth straight game in all competitions after only leveling Torino 1-1 from Ciro Immobile’s stoppage-time penalty in Serie A when last thursday.

Italian Serie A soccer league

Torino 1 – Lazio 1

 Stadium: Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino

The first chance of the game came in the seventh minute as the hosts’ Torino had a chance before Antonio Sanabria passed the ball to Tomaso Poveka from the right in front of the penalty area. But the ball fell out of the back

Lazio also responded from a long shot in the 10th minute from Ciro Immobile’s 35-yard right-hand strike. But the ball didn’t hit the target. 

22 minutes, the same Ciro Immobile has another chance from a shot from the right from a distance. This time in the frame, but not through the hands of Vanya Milinkovic-Savic. Torino goalkeeper. 

In the 39th minute, Torino got a chance when Josip Bregalo thrusted the ball into the left-hand penalty area for Antonio Sanabria, followed by a left-hand press. But broke the ankle a bit too much. The ball flew past the second post behind him.

Torino continued to attack in the next minute when Sanabria headed for Josip Bregalo to volley from the left in the penalty area. But blocked out after a corner kick.

The natives almost got it in the 43rd minute when Ola Aina snatched up to the end of the left bank before opening for Antonio Sanabria to hit the focus, but Pepe Reina showed a super save, narrowly brushed the ball over the crossbar. Then at the end of the first half, we still can’t do anything, always 0-0.

Starting the second half, Lazio should have a goal in the 49th minute. Felipe Anderson half shot, semi-passed from right into the middle of Pedro who came down as a reserve. Jumped into the charger, missed a bit.

But it was Torino who got the goal to lead 1-0 in the 76th minute. Wilfried Zinco threw the ball from the right side for the reserve Marco Piaga to hit focus, pass the ball through Pepe Reina’s hands.

Lazio are without a win for the fourth game in all competitions

In injury time, Lazio got a penalty when Vedat Murigi was fouled by Coffee Dichi in the penalty area. It became a goal that equalized 1-1 and ended the game with this score.  

List of players for both teams

Torino: Vanya Milinkovic-Savic – Coffee Dji, Gleison Bremer, Ricardo Rodriguez – Wilfried Zinco, Tommaso Poveca, Rolando Mandragora, Ola Aina – Josip Bregalo, Carol Linetti – Antonio Zanabria.

 Lazio: Pepe Reina; Adam Marusic, Luiz Felipe, Francesco Acherby, Elseid Hesay; Akpa Akpro, Danilo. Cataldi, Luis Alberto – Felipe Anderson, Ciro Immobile, Raul Moro.

Referee: Rosario Abisso.

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