Gary Neville has praised Chelsea’s performance

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Gary Neville has praised Chelsea’s performance and has pointed out how difficult it is for anyone to stop.

         Gary Neville has praised Chelsea’s performance

The latest UEFA Champions League champions paid the purchase of Romelu Lukaku to join the team alone, plus loan for Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez, but it was considered a direct solution. In the position of the center forward that was missing last season, which Gary thinks “chelsea” are strong enough to reach the Premier League title.

         “It was interesting because I expected Manchester United to beat Newcastle. And they achieved it with or without Ronaldo,” Gary said. Alford to watch the Chelsea-Villa game and Villa played well, but against Chelsea it was like a robot. It’s hard to stop.”

         “When they scored the first goal from Lukaku, I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a bad omen’, the striker scores, guarantees the players behind him, a good midfield, they’re a tough team to stop.”

         “There was talk of Manchester City – Pep Guardiola of Manchester City, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United – but with Chelsea. I I think everyone knows how serious they are.”

         “We’ve watched them a few games this season. I watched them play against Liverpool at Anfield and it was very interesting. They are a good team. Well done at Arsenal, they will visit Tottenham next week. It’s quite interesting.”

“That’s Chelsea’s model and you look at what they’ve done in this transfer window in terms of ins and outs and again, it’s been another exemplary performance from them.”

Thomas Tuchel certainly has a stacked squad to work with as he attempts to add more silverware to the Champions League and UEFA Super Cup successes. According to ufabet

He hasn’t had too much to do as his predecessor Frank Lampard recruited so significantly last summer, spending well over £200m.