Dimitri Payet reveals that he refused to join the ghost army 5 years ago.

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Marseille midfielder Dimitri Payet has revealed. He turned down an offer from Manchester United in 2017 because he wants to stay at OM.

Payet played a year and a half in the Premier League with West Ham between 2015 and early 2017. Before returning to France with a return to Olympique Marseille. 

But before returning to Ligue 1, Payet received offers from Manchester United and many other clubs. But he refused because UFABET he wanted to return to France for family reasons that were important to the decision. 

The 35-year-old opened up: “I’m not one who suffers from regret. I have made a choice which family reasons are as important as football reasons to return to Marseille.

“There are other clubs, big clubs interested in me, there are Manchester United and other teams, it’s a family and personal choice. I think that’s the best thing for me and my family.”

Dimitri Payet is currently in his best form for Marseille, scoring 13 goals and providing 12 assists in all competitions. led the team to hold the Ligue 1 crowd at this time.

   Dimitri Payet

Started playing football at youth level for the first time with the club. Saint-Philippe in 1995-1998 , 1998-1999 Saint-Pierroise , 1999-2003 Le Havre , 2003-2004 Excelsior for a year later stepped up to play at the professional club level. with Excelsior, 2004-2005, played more than 36 times, 2005-2007 played with Nantes. 2007-2011 played with Saint-Etienne for four years, making more than 129 appearances. 

Year 2011-201   joined Lille for a period of two years later, moved to join the team. Orleans de Marseille  in 2013-2015  After that, he came to football in the English Premier League by working with West Ham United in 2015-2017 for 2 years and has returned to play with Orleans de Marseille, again in 2017   , is currently a player who has always been involved in attacking and creating good chances for the team.